June 12th, 1999

The Blair Witch Project, a documentary following three independent film students who have disappeared while researching the story of Elly Kedward, is released, grossing millions and millions of dollars. Every independent filmmaker in Los Angeles jumps on the bandwagon in a cynical and money hungry attempt to duplicate the film's success by producing their own versions.


August 13th, 1999

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Documentary filmmaker Kevin Leadingham is recruited by his friend Chanda Willis to team up on The Search for the West Woods Witch (not to be confused with the Wicked Witch of the West) produced by rich and spoiled daddy's girl Deborah Wolff. The team will search for evidence linked to the original Blair Witch's sister, Nelly, who fled to California in 1783 in an attempt to escape angry villagers and then ritualistically murdered several Spaniards in the forests of West Los Angeles.



Chanda also recruits sound man Brent Beebe, unaware that he is a paranoid schitzophrenic who is afraid of his own shadow.


11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Deborah and Kevin set out to interview people on Hollywood Boulevard in an effort to gain some local color for the documentary. Dissatisfied with the footage, Deborah instructs her P.A.s Kristl and Monique to recruit their actor friends to portray documentary filmmakers to give the project a sexy, Hollywood Scream-like quality. Kevin, flips out, screaming at Deborah and the group in front of tourists on Hollywood Boulevard.


4:00 PM

Demoting Kevin, Chanda and Brent to mere crew-members now, Deborah guides them and actors Lisa, Mary, Sam and Anthony, to the forest in West Los Angeles where they encounter other inept filmmakers attempting to shoot their own Blair Witch Project knockoffs.

4:30 PM

Following up on a tip they got from a local drunk rummaging through garbage cans, Kevin and Chanda guide the group into the woods in an effort to track down evidence relating to disappearing campers hoping it links to the West Woods Witch.



The inept filmmakers get lost in the woods, never to be heard from again. Their cameras are found in an abandoned camping tent exactly 6 days, 6 hours and 6 minutes later. The footage is reviewed revealing the true fate of the group, who are soon branded The Blair Witch Rejects...


October 1st, 1999

Recognizing the potential in marketing the disappearances as a comedy spoof by virtue of the incompetence of the filmmakers, Nitestar Productions Inc. of Los Angeles purchases the footage from authorities for $94 dollars and releases the program as The Blair Witch Rejects.


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