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JANUARY 14, 2000



(LOS ANGELES, CA.) Nitestar Productions™ launched its own home video distribution

arm this week with their premiere release, "The Blair Witch Rejects", a feature length

straight to video comedy spoof directed by award winning filmmaker Jerry Vasilatos

("Solstice, A Christmas Story", Lifetime Television).  In the very first feature  length spoof

of "The Blair Witch Project", "The Blair Witch Rejects" chronicles the misadventures of

an inept Beverly Hills independent producer who believes she can ride the coat-tails of

the original movie's success by filming a follow-up.

Casting a talented ensemble cast featuring Kevin Leadingham, Chanda Willis, Brent

Beebe, Deborah Wolff and others, Jerry Vasilatos approached the film as a satire on

independent filmmakers trying to ride the coat-tails of the original film.  Using similar

preparation techniques as the directors of "Blair Witch"  Mr. Vasilatos guided his

actors by only providing snippets of their character motivations and plot points as the

shoot progressed over three days of shooting right up to the surprise ending, this time

played for laughs.  "There were several independent groups here in L.A. all jumping on

the "Blair Witch" bandwagon shooting their own versions as quickly as they could to

cash in on the original's success." Vasilatos says.  "To me, that's what was spoofable...

filmmakers haphazardly rushing to ride the coat-tails of something else, unable to come

up with their own original ideas, so that became the focus.  We all loved the original

"Blair Witch Project", and witnessing other people rushing to emulate it is what inspired

us to poke fun at them instead.  The whole thing became a slapstick farce."

Founding their video distribution arm in 1999 with the intention of releasing films

and other projects that are developed and produced in-house, Nitestar Productions™

will also focused on reviewing outside independently produced features for release

their new home video label.

"The Blair Witch Rejects" (Color / Unrated / 90 Minutes) is now available through

Nitestar Home Video™.  If you are a press or wholesale contact interested in receiving

a screening copy and press kit, please contact Nitestar Productions™ by telephone

at 323-468-8089 or by e-mail through this link. 

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