Kevin Leadingham / Director

He's in it for the money-

Deborah Wolff / Producer

Flushing daddy's money
down the toilet one
body at a time...

Chanda Willis / Assistant Director

Will never take another blind
referral again...

Kristl Allison / P.A

Aspiring filmmaker
to the bitter end...

Brent Beebe / Sound Recordist

The truth is out there... the anal
probes prove it....

Monique Pierre / P.A

Living in a bad episode
of Scooby Doo...

Lisa Nowicki / Actress

This is NOT what she went to
acting school for...

Gigi Laina / Actress

Pronounced "Jee Jee"-
That stands for PMS...

Anthony Nino / Actor

Better living through LSD...

Sam Shorr / Actor

He's missing
Extreme Sports for this?

Ernest Borgnine

Doesn't appear in this film...
but no disaster movie poster
is complete without him-

Shelly Winters

Ditto for Shelly...

The Professor

Can make everything out of
raw island materials except
a boat to get off it-

Mary Ann

What the hell did
she do anyway?

The Aftermath
The Legacy


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