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Updated June 1st, 2001
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A Film by Kevin Leadingham

For some people the coldest, loneliest time of the year falls on Christmas Eve...

May this be the last group of filmmakers to emulate a popular phenomenon...

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Jerry is presently involved as producer / director of the dramatic thriller Shelter Me, in development as a feature film. His most recently completed projects include the comedy spoof The Blair Witch Rejects, which he directed, and the documentary A Refugee and Me, co-produced with director Kevin Leadingham. The Blair Witch Rejects is a screwball comedy satirizing the recent barrage of independent filmmakers attempting to ride the coat-tails of the original indy hit The Blair Witch Project. A Refugee and Me documents the life of Burmese refugee Twai Thongdee and his quest to obtain an illegal Thai identification card which will allow him to get well paying job in Thailand in order to aid his refugee family living along the border.

Prior to his move from Chicago and founding of his production office in Los Angeles, Jerry wrote, produced and directed the independent holiday drama Solstice which was broadcast nationally as Lifetime Television's Original World Premiere Movie during Christmas of 1994. Solstice was awarded the Silver Award by the Charleston International Film Festival, the Bronze Award by the Houston International Film Festival, and was broadcast again by Lifetime Television on Christmas Eve of 1995. It was released on home video in October of 1997 by Monument Entertainment.

Jerry's theatrical directing credits include The Great Houdini, written by Stacy Tanner, and Witnesses, an action adventure co-written with Victor H. Schiller. The Great Houdini premiered at the prestigious Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood during the spring of 1999, and Witnesses was selected by the Chicago Screenwriters Network for their Winter/Spring '96 Staged Screenplay Reading Series. It was performed under Jerry's direction to a full house (130 capacity) at the American Blues Theater in Chicago on March 24th, 1996. Jerry's writing credits include Solstice, Palace Treasure, The Seahawks, and Butcher's Dozen, a crime thriller co-written with Sara Coover Caldwell. He is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in film and also serves as the current President of their West Coast Alumni Chapter. He is member of the First Stage Directing Workshop in Hollywood and has also studied under the tutelage of acclaimed acting & directing coach Judith Weston.

Jerry can be reached at (323) 468-8089 or via e-mail at

Personal Statement

Film-making is an amazing thing. You can teach people, move them, and inspire them. You can make them laugh or make them cry. You can make them grab the arm of the person next to them in suspense as they watch the onscreen exploits of your characters, or reflect on what they've viewed hours after they've seen your film. To me, the best films have a heart, and they draw you into wanting to join the characters while learning something important, or being inspired; while laughing or crying, or grabbing that person's arm next to you in suspense. Directing gives you the tools to do all of that. There's something very rewarding and satisfying about the process, and I believe it has a lot to do with the excitement that comes with knowing you are creating something that will be shared by audiences and that will hopefully be taken with them long after they've finished watching your film.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and please drop me an e-mail if you'd like to chat!


Jerry A. Vasilatos


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