Production services with experience, quality, and a personal creative touch that stands apart from the rest.

Looking for a turnkey media producer? Award-winning Nitestar Productions has created film and multimedia content from coast to coast since 1992. Under the stewardship of founder Jerry Vasilatos, Nitestar has produced and edited programming that ranges from features & television programs to DVD authoring, corporate & educational videos, commercials, reality television shows and documentaries.

Utilizing a team of seasoned professionals with a wide range of experience in all areas of multimedia, Nitestar Productions can also assemble and direct a talented cast and crew to create your project from the ground up at the most competative rates available.

We serve our clients 24/7, working with all budget ranges and can negotiate the best quote based on your project's needs.

Please contact us through our online consultation form link above and let us know how we can help you achieve success producing your next film or media project!

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